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The 100 Toughest    Races in the World

#5 Manhattan Marathon Island Swim
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Manhattan Marathon Island Swim


The annual 28.5 mile Manhattan Island Marathon Swim, a full counter-clockwise circumnavigation of the island of Manhattan. More Info


Is It Time To Put An End To "Adventures" On The Indian Ocean?

Jon Bowermaster has posted a really thoughtful and interesting piece on Gadling today that declares that it is time to end Indian Ocean adventures. That's a very bold statement from a man who has spent plenty of time on the world's oceans, including the Indian, but Jon's message makes sense, and should serve as a warning for those sailing those... Read More

Riding a frozen river in Alaska

A few days ago Bill, our friend Dan and I rode a frozen river near our cabin.In the summertime this river is a Class III whitewater stream.Only in Alaska I thought can you ride a fast flowing river like this one.You have to pick your time of year when to go on this river and of course you need a snowmachine trail to follow. Just because a snowmachine or severalsnowmachines had been up and down this river doesn't mean it is safe on your bike as well. They move a lot faster even though they are... Read More

Plane crashes in Congo

At least 19 people were killed when a cargo plane crashed into a densely populated Republic of Congo neighbourhood. ||| Brazzaville, Republic of Congo - At least 19 people were killed when a cargo plane crashed into a densely populated Republic of Congo neighbourhood, the country's civil aviation director said.Michel Ambende said many more people were wounded in Monday's crash. He did not say what may have caused the crash, but said authorities were investigating.The Antonov 32 - owned... Read More

Spring Running

Spring has finally arrive as far as the calendar goes but perhaps you're one of the unlucky few who still finds rotting snow lining your front yard. Or maybe you're like myself, and you fall under, EXTREMELY unlucky where a fresh 2 inches fell in your yard today. Either way, Spring running is either upon us or just around the corner and I felt that now is a great time to talk about some Spring Running tips to get us all off on the right foot.Sherpa's Things to Consider for Enjoyable Spring... Read More

TD 2011 Training Entry #1: Ain’t No Tailwinds In Texas

the_bikes Dang…less than three measly months to go before the TD and I’m just now getting around to my first real training post for 2011.  I’ve let my gajillions of faithful readers down.  What would Charlie Sheen say?  I bet it would be something along the lines of: “I’m tired of losing all my gold into the fucking ether-sphere of... Read More

`09 Media Coverage

Working list of TD `09 coverage published to date: Among the favorites so far: Jon Billman's very unique, excellent daily race commentary on Outside Mag's Blog, and Joel Reichenberger's, Keeping His Word, on Alan Goldsmith (TD`08,`09) Billman Outside Mag Online Commentary: Read more » Read More

What Am I Complaining About?

A really easy day today - a quick 25km at either end of the work day - so not much to tell about the ride.  This mornings ride statsInstead I thought I'd tell you about the other day when  I visited the Renal Unit at the Mater Dei Hospital with some fellow riders so we could learn a little more about why we’re all taking on the LifeCycle Challenge.So... Read More

2010 Valley Crest Half Marathon Training Runs

CALLING ALL TRAIL RUNNERS!  To help you prepare for the Valley Crest Half Marathon on Sunday June 13, we have planned the following training runs on the race course: Saturday, April 17 Saturday, May 1 Saturday, May 15 Saturday, May 29 Please see below for additional information: LOCATION: Marvin Braude Mulholland Gateway Park (Valley Crest Half Marathon site). Exit the 101 Fwy at Reseda Blvd in Reseda. Turn South and go all the way up the hill. Continue through the gate into Marvin... Read More

Exploring The Himalaya By Paraglider

When most of us think about Himalayan adventures, our minds conjure up images of mountaineers in their down suits struggling to summit 8000 meter peaks or even intrepid trekkers exploring mountain passes. But the Himalayan Odyssey team... Read More

Patagonian Expedition Adventure Race Over, Brits Defend!

The Patagonian Expedition Adventure Race is billed as the "world's toughest and wildest" race, covering more than 600 kilometers through some of the most beautiful and challenging terrain on the planet. And for the past week, 16 coed teams of four have been trekking,... Read More